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Mystery Samsung Foldable Device Gets Certification from Wi-Fi Alliance

Just recently, there was a mysterious device that the Wi-Fi Alliance issued a certification to. The device in question had a model number SM-F415F/DS. Judging from its model number, it's safe to assume that this is a Samsung device with a foldable display. With these hints, many are speculating that this could be an affordable foldable device that Samsung is working on. 

The first hint lies with its model number-- F415F. When Samsung released the Galaxy Fold and Z Flip, they carried the model number F900 and F700, respectively. Out of the two, the Fold is the premium model that Samsung offered. This could very much mean that the F415F will be a 400-series model. 

Another clue that is hinted by its model number is that the 1 on the second digit could refer to a second generation device. 

Although it could be a more affordable foldable device, it still cannot be classified as a mid-range phone. That's because foldable devices still cost more than non-folding devices. But if this would cost around $1,000, it would definitely be much cheaper than the other models. 

Right now, there's no more information available on this mystery device. Could this be the model that we recently reported? We'll know for sure once Samsung reveals more details about this device.


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