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Nokia 7.3 5G Allegedly Seen on Latest James Bond Movie

HMD Global has been working on a number of smartphones that they will release under the Nokia brand this year. And it looks like we're getting a glimpse of one of these devices ahead of its release.

According to reports, a Nokia smartphone was spotted on the set of the latest James Bond movie. The reports alleged that this mysterious device spotted on the latest movie, entitled No Time To Die, could be the Nokia 7.3 5G.

This appearance suggests that the James Bond movies has no longer partnered with Sony Mobile as their official partner. In fact, Nokia Mobile has confirmed that its Nokia 8.3 5G smartphone will also be featured on the next movie installment. There are also reports that suggest the cheaper Nokia 5.3 will be making an appearance in the movie.

The device seen on the movie set is said to be an early prototype of the Nokia 7.3. But it is said to be the final design. This means that the Nokia 7.3 will be having a circular camera bump on the back and will have LED flash as well as a few sensors.

Although this is the device prototype, there has not been an official release of its specs. There are reports that suggest the Nokia 7.3 will be equipped with a Snapdragon 690 5G; which will make it the cheapest 5G Nokia device upon launch.

Again, nothing is for sure until HMD Global officially reveals the device. They are expected to launch the device at IFA 2020 in early September so that the device can be released in October.

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