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Report: Some of Apple's Stores to Reopen on Appointment-Only Basis Soon

2020 has been a tough year for everyone. Even big companies like Apple are dealing with the blows of the pandemic. Apart from pushing the release of its new Apple iPhone 12 5G smartphone, its retail stores have been closed for a few months already. And the health crisis is not the only reason why Apple's stores remain closed.

When the pandemic first started in China back in January, Apple decided to close its retail locations in the country. It then reopened these stores a month later. In mid-March, the virus started making its way to the US, which prompted the tech giant to shut down its stores. They were hoping to reopen the stores on March 27th, but actually only opened its US stores in May.

As May came to a close though, Apple had no choice but to close some of its stores. This was not because of the health crisis, but because of the looting that took place in Minneapolis and Portland. Out of the 271 Apple stores in the country, only 140 had reopened. 

But it looks like this is coming to a positive turn. There are reports that suggest Apple could be reopening a small number of its stores later this month. These stores had closed because of the rise of COVID-19 cases in the areas.

According to the report, the stores that will be opening will be on appointment-only basis. Each store will follow local guidelines to establish the maximum number of shoppers allowed inside at the same time. They will also be following social distancing measures.

Apple is doing its best to keep up with the demand for its services and products. They are also getting ready to launch its new devices this fall, which include its first 5G iPhone devices, a new tablet, and a new Apple Watch. 

Source: Bloomberg

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