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Samsung Holding Part 2 Event for Galaxy Z Fold2

Early this month, Samsung held an online Galaxy Unpacked event. They unveiled the Galaxy Z Fold2 in the event but it seems like they are not done with the reveal.

According to reports, Samsung will have another Galaxy Unpacked event on September 1st. The official poster of the event suggests that this will be a part two of the Galaxy Z Fold2 reveal, which will be the highlight of the event.

This is pretty understandable since Samsung did not reveal too much information about the device during the first announcement.

The South Korean manufacturer revealed that the Galaxy Z Fold2 will have a larger outer display, which now covers the full 6.2-inch surface in front. The original Fold model only had a 4.6-inch outer display. Inside, the flexible display has also been enlarged to 7.6 inches instead of 7.3. This inner display is also protected by Samsung's UTG (Ultra Thin Glass).
Other changes include a small camera hole-punch design to expand screen real estate. There is also a 4,500mAh battery, and a choice between Mystic Black and Mystic Bronze colors.

If you are interested in catching this event, make sure to set your calendar for September 1 at 2 PM UTC.

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