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Samsung Introduces Offline Locator for Missing Devices

Nowadays, most devices come with a "Find My" feature that helps you discover where a missing phone, watch, laptop, or any other device is. But most of these do not work without an active internet connection. This is where Samsung steps into the picture and does things differently.

Earlier today, the South Korean manufacturer revealed that they have a new offline locator tool on its Find my Mobile feature. The way this works is that it uses the Galaxy devices of other individuals to locate a missing phone even without an internet connection. At the same time, your device gets to help locate missing Galaxy devices that are nearby.

Apart from Galaxy devices, this feature works on watches and earbuds by using the last device that they got connected to.

The good news is that this feature will be rolling out as an update to Samsung's Find my Mobile app. It is not available by default so you will have to enable it manually. Nevertheless, this is a pretty awesome feature that Samsung has added.

Great job, Samsung!

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