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Samsung Reportedly Working on Galaxy A12 Smartphone

Samsung is preparing to give one of its low end devices a fresh update. According to reports, the South Korean manufacturer is working on the successor of the Galaxy A11, which will be called the Galaxy A12.

The Galaxy A11 only launched in May, so it comes as a surprise that they are working on a successor of the device in just a few months. Reports say that the Galaxy A12 has the model number SM-A125F.  The reports also suggest that the device will have a couple of storage options: a 32GB variant and a 64GB variant.

It is said to retain the PLS TFT touchscreen that was found on the A11. The Galaxy A12, however, will be equipped with a triple camera setup on the back and a capacitive fingerprint sensor.

Right now, this is all we know about the Galaxy A12. But it might not be too long until we get more information on the device.

Source: SamMobile 

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