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Some Metro by T-Mobile Dealers Speak Out Against Incoming Changes

T-Mobile has made some changes to its compensation and procedure for its Metro by T-Mobile dealers. These changes are set to be implemented on October 1st. But unfortunately these changes don't seem to be sitting well with some dealers.

The dealers turned to Twitter to express their concerns over the weekend. The concern was delivered by the Metro Dealers Unity Group, who expressed their worries on how the Un-carrier does business with them. One of their concerns involves T-Mobile's new policy that 100% of their accessories offered should only be purchased from one company. This is a problem because this limits the dealers from sourcing through less expensive options. They are also worried about how their commissions will be spread out over six months instead of just a few months.

The group expressed concern over T-Mobile's new compensation formula, which suggests that the dealers will be treated like postpaid. The other concerns have to do with residuals and ensuring prepaid wireless stays competitive. A source believes these changes were influenced by the company's merger with Sprint.

Fortunately, T-Mobile's executive vice president of consumer markets, Jon Freier, address the concerns on Twitter and said they are setting up a dialog this week. He also tweeted that "Our door is always open."

There was a message that circulated among dealers calling for their support by closing all stores today, August 31st. However, there were dealers that expressed their disagreement with temporarily closing down the stores. The message also noted that by October 1st, T-Mobile would require dealers to purchase their accessories from Alpha Comm. The message read:

"It's time to unite, stand up and make it known that our voice matters." "Dealers Livelihood Matters.""Dealers Lives Matter."

A source for the Metro Dealers Unity Group declined that the message was from them. The representative noted that the "Dealers Lives Matter" was in reference to the stores with bulletproof glass in some urban areas, which T-Mobile "hinted" on removing for safety measures.

According to Fierce Wireless, the group is composed of around 100 dealers.

Right now, the group has started a dialog with T-Mobile. NWIDA is also ready to escalate the concern and may even bring this up with other entities, such as the NTC, if the group's concerns are not addressed.

Source: Fierce Wireless

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