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Spectrum Mobile Unveils New $55 Unlimited Plus Plan

Spectrum Mobile just made a new change to its phone plan offering with a new plan.

Today's addition comes as an "unlimited" plan, which they have called the Unlimited Plus. This new plan comes with unlimited talk, text and 30GB of data up to 5G data speeds for $55 per line per month.

With this new plan, the Charter Communications-owned MVNO is now offering a couple of "unlimited plans." The other unlimited plan comes in the form of a $45 per line per month plan and offers unlimited talk, text, and 20GB of data up to 5G data speeds. It also includes unlimited mobile hotspot with the first 5GB hotspot data at high-speeds. Video streaming is also limited to DVD quality or 480p resolution.

Meanwhile, the new $55 Unlimited Plus plan takes things a notch over the base plan. For starters, it offers 30GB of high-speed data instead of 20GB. And it also offers HD quality video streaming of up to 1080p resolution instead of 480p.

The two plans also come with Wi-Fi calling, 2000 minutes of free calls to Mexico and Canada, and free international texts from the US.

Taxes and fees are already included in the price. There is a one-time $10 activation fee applicable to new lines.

Spectrum Mobile offers service under Verizon's networks.

You can check out the new plan here.


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  1. Visible is owned by Verizon and has lower prices.

  2. Visible limits your download speed, Spectrum mobile doesnt

  3. Visible has unlimited hotspot. Spectrum throttles your Hotspot after 5GB, has poor customer service and high phone prices.

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