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Sprint: Now Part of T-Mobile

And just like that, the Sprint brand has come to an end.

After its merger announcement in April 1, T-Mobile has finally put an end on the Sprint brand. Prior to the merger, the two brands have always been separate entities that offered competing services. And for a while after its merger last April, it looked like the two brands were still working individually. This, however, comes to an end, with Sprint's shut down.

According to T-Mobile's EVP of Consumer Markets, Jon Freier, shares that the "most monumental day in T-Mobile's history has arrived" in reference to the "iconic yellow lights turned off one last time." The executive also shares that this move makes way for "one powerful, united brand" to emerge and to provide service to customers in "more stores than ever."

This is in reference to the number of Sprint stores that were re-branded and given a fresh magenta paint that is iconic to the T-Mobile brand. Sprint customers can walk into these newly re-branded stores to make changes to their accounts, pay for existing services, or just pretty much anything they would typically do at a Sprint store.

In line with today's news, Sprint's website is no longer online. When you head over to their website, you will be redirected to T-Mobile's site. If you have an account and you are trying to access it, you can head over to t-mobile.com to do that.

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  1. Actually, the Sprint website is still up & running stronger than ever, it's just they've changed the homepage to https://www.sprint.com/updates now.

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