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Ting Mobile Now Owned by Dish Network

Update 08/04/20 - Tucows has given Dish Network a period of two years to use the Ting Mobile brand name. No explanation was given for this.

In a surprising turn of events, Dish Network has announced its latest acquisition in the mobile industry, Ting Mobile. This new deal comes as a shock, especially since it has only been a month ever since it made its official debut in the US wireless market with the Boost Mobile acquisition. Dish made the deal with the Tucows-owned MVNO.

As of August 1st, the majority number of customers of Ting Mobile have been acquired by Dish. The company says that existing subscribers can continue to use the same phones under the same rate plans. Dish says that these customers will be using T-Mobile's network as part of its original deal with the Un-carrier.

In addition to purchasing the MVNO, the deal includes the acquisition of Tucows as Dish's new technology partner. With this deal, Tucows will be providing its technology platform to Dish; which includes billing, activation, provisioning, and funnel marketing services. This is a big deal for Dish, especially since Tucows is well-versed on handling these things.

Although the deal comes as a surprise, Ting Mobile says that talks for the acquisition were ongoing for a few months already. Reports say that two had a "signed and sealed" agreement, which is why there weren't any rumors prior to this big reveal.

Dish says it will be moving its Boost Mobile customers to Tucows' platform by the second half of 2021.

Source: PRNewswire 


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  1. I wonder if Ting will become the new 4th carrier? That would be interesting.

    1. Well, technically it will be still be Dish but hopefully Ting's good business culture rubs off on them for the better especially considering Ting's reputation of excellent customer service! Sad there's is no more real uncarrier though that's been true for some time! This is all just consolidation for the New World Order takeover which is in the process of happening and will cause the very short world war 3. Sadly, the so-called "elites" behind the NWO won't be taking control as they think! Christendom will rise out from the ashes & the Church will have Her Mystical Resurrection before the son perdition has his time.

  2. Dish played hardball. They drug their feet in purchasing Boost to pressure concessions from Tmobile including not renewing Ting's agreement to force the sale.

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