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ZTE is Working on Device With Under-Screen Camera

Under-screen front-facing cameras are not yet a thing in today's smartphone models. But there is reason to believe they will soon be included in devices. And to make things more interesting, it looks like ZTE could be the first to release a device with this feature.

Earlier today, ZTE's own president Ni Fei announced that they are working on a device with an under-screen camera. If this proves to be successful, they could be the first smartphone manufacturer in the world to release such a device.

The device is said to be called the ZTE A20 5G. According to reports, ZTE will be using a Visionix display on the device since they have already mass produced panels built with an under-display camera. A listing for the ZTE A20 5G was allegedly spotted at the State Radio Regulation of China (SRRC). The listing reveals the phone's band support and ZTE A2121 model number.

Unfortunately, the announcement did not come with photos of the device. They also did not include a launch date on when we can expect this phone to be released.

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