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Amazon Launches Newly Rebranded Amazon Kids and Amazon Kids+ Service

Amazon made an announcement today regarding its FreeTime and FreeTime Unlimited service. With today's announcement, these services have been rebranded into Amazon Kids and Amazon Kids+. In addition to rebranding the service, Amazon has rolled out new features for these kids-centric services. 

FreeTime and FreeTime Unlimited has been a popular service among parents and their kids for many years. Over 20 million parents continue to use the service. As of this writing, Amazon Kids+ has over 20,000 books, movies, games, Audible books, and Spanish-language content. Just like its name suggests, the content here are specifically for kids. 

The service can be used on an Amazon Fire tablet. 

As mentioned, a new feature has been added into the service. The new feature, called Announcements, allows kids to broadcast a voice message to Alexa devices that are activated in the household. In order to be activated, parental consent is required. 

The service has also expanded its content section. There are new video titles that have been carefully picked out for kids between 6 to 12. Among the new content added include Carmen Sandiego, LEGO, Angry Birds, Barbie, and Transformers. Music stations from iHeartRadio Family has also been added into the home screen too. 

With all these changes, it's impressive to see that Amazon has kept Amazon Kids service free for parents. The Kids+ service, however, comes with a subscription that starts at $2.99 per month for Prime members and $4.99 per month for other users. Amazon will be rolling out the new feature in the coming weeks. 

Source: Amazon blog


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