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Apple Makes Some Changes to AppleCare+

It's been quite a busy week for Apple. Aside from unveiling its latest devices and iOS 14, they have also made some much-needed changes to its AppleCare+ program.

One of the changes that Apple has made is that customers now have up to a year to decide whether they want to sign up for the extended warranty program. Previously, this was only available for 30 days after purchasing a brand new device. 

Another change that was made official is that customers can now claim two cases of accidental damage every 12 months instead of 24 months. It's important to note though that any claims not used cannot be rolled over to another 12-month period. 

If you want to make the most out of your device, it's really worth it to sign up for AppleCare+. This way, you can have protection when your device gets lost, stolen, or even damaged. 

To know more about the changes, visit Apple's website

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