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Cricket Wireless Rolls Out Second TV Ad for Its 5G Network

A few weeks ago, AT&T launched its 5G network access for Cricket Wireless' customers.

Shortly after, the prepaid brand started airing its first TV ad for the newly added feature. And now, they already have a second TV ad being aired nationally.

These are the two 5G-related ads that Cricket Wireless are currently running.

These two ads feature the Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G, which is currently the only 5G-capable device that is carried by the prepaid brand. Both ads, however, do not disclose the price of the phone. A visit to their website shows that the Galaxy S20+ 5G costs $1,199.99. This price is usually above the range that prepaid users spend on for a new phone.

This is quite surprising because AT&T Prepaid came out with a more affordable 5G smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy A51 5G which costs $499.99. Since Cricket Wireless is a prepaid brand owned by AT&T, it's highly possible that this device could be rolling out in the coming weeks. Hopefully, they will make this device available soon. Otherwise, they might face a struggle in offering their 5G service to a market that's not capable of getting a phone as costly as the Galaxy S20+ 5G.

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