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Dish Network Names Stephen Stokols as New Boost Mobile VP

DISH Network today welcomed a new CEO that will be among those spearheading its Boost Mobile operations. 

The company announced that tech entrepreneur and wireless innovator, Stephen Stokols, will be joining its executive leadership team as the executive vice president of Boost Mobile. Prior to this appointment, Stokols was the founder and CEO of FreedomPop. 

With the new role, Stokols will be responsible for Boost's sales, marketing, go-to-market strategy and operations. DISH group president, Retail Wireless and COO's John Swieringa spoke highly of Stokols. 

"Stephen's growth mindset, relentless energy and history of disruption in the consumer wireless business make him the right leader to take the helm of Boost Mobile. From his roots driving transformation in telecom to his entrepreneurial spirit, Stephen brings a combination of experience and ingenuity that will be instrumental in serving our Boost Mobile customers and team."

Stokols also shared how this "opportunity to lead Boost Mobile is extremely exciting" for him, especially since he is "passionate about delivering value and innovation to the wireless market."

"For many Americans today, the idea of paying almost $1,000 per year on wireless service no longer makes sense."

Stokols plan is to bring new innovations to the market and increase availability across all channels. He plans to focus on making Boost "the best consumer value in mobile."

Source: Dish Network 


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  1. I don't see how he plans to offer anything innovating while moving away from the unlimited style plans. Most people don't like metered plans.

  2. Given the state of FreedomPop with its product and customer service, here comes another brand to be ruined.

    1. It seems Dish CEO is adopting a bipolar strategy with its Ting and former FreedomPop plays.

  3. I think Boost is moving in the right direction with its data bucket plans. Other than offering a low cost annual plan like Tracfone, I am not sure what they can do better until they move beyond being an MVNO to a true MNO which would enable them to start offering an unlimited plan.

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