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Google Unveils New Features Coming to Android 11 Go Edition

Earlier this week, Google unveiled what it has been working on: a refreshed Android 11 Go Edition for budget-friendly devices. With the big reveal, Google has taken the wraps off on the improvements it added to the new OS version. 

One of the changes in the updated OS is that all of the messaging apps are now under one banner. Google says that devices with Android 11 Go Edition now get to see all of their conversations under a dedicated notification section. So whether you're using Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, or any other messaging app, you'll see these on this single banner. 

Android 11 Go Edition also has new privacy enhancements that allow users to grant apps access to sensors with just a few taps. If an app hasn't been used for some time, the app permissions will "auto-reset". The users will also receive a notification about the change so they are not left out of the loop. This way, they can allow the app the specific permissions again. 

A welcomed addition to Android 11 Go Edition is gesture-based navigation. This feature was previously only available on higher end models. Now that this is available on Android 11 Go Edition, users on a budget-friendly device can get to experience these features. With this installed, users can use simple swipes to switch between apps, go to the home screen, or go back to a previous action. 


Apart from the changes, Android 11 Go Edition also comes with a new feature called Safe Folder. With this new feature, Files by Google gets to protect a user's personal files by storing them under a 4-digit PIN-encrypted folder. This way, other people are unable to access these files. 

Android 11 Go Edition is available on all devices with up to 2GB of RAM. This makes it different from the previous versions, which only required 1.5GB of RAM. Because of this change, apps are able to launch up to 20 percent faster. They also provide an extra 270MB free internal memory and even 900MB of additional free storage space on devices with 2GB of RAM.  

Google says it will be making Android 11 Go Edition available on smartphones later this year. However, the list of devices slated to receive the updated OS has not yet been unveiled. Google should release the list pretty soon. 

Source: Google blog  

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