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LG Working on Entry-Level Device

LG is working on a new smartphone. While this device doesn't par with its upcoming LG Wing, it is an entry-level device that the smartphone manufacturer hopes will be able to bring in revenue for the company. 

The new device, called the LG W11, was recently spotted on a listing on Google Play Console. The listing includes some information on its key specs. 

For now, the device is codenamed Neo11LM. It is said to have an HD+ display with a 1600x720 resolution. The device runs on a Helio P22 processor with 3GB of RAM. Upon release, it will run Android 10 OS.

There is one available photo of the device, which hints at a waterdrop notch for the front-facing camera. 

Back in August, the FCC certified a very similar device with model number LG-K310IM. It had a 3,900mAh battery and the same specs as the LG W11. But it is unsure whether these two devices are one and the same. We'll know more once LG officially reveals this device. 


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