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LG's New Mystery Device Features Phone With Extendable Screen

For some time now, LG has been teasing the LG Wing, its first device under their Explorer Project. This project aims to "discover new ways to interact with mobile devices." But it was only today that LG finally made the device official. 

In addition to officially unveiling the LG Wing, the South Korean manufacturer gave the public another new device to talk about.  

In its LG Wing announcement video, LG gave a short teaser about the new device. It was spotted towards the last 40-second mark of the video. Viewers got to see a device with what appeared to be an extendable screen. 

In the clip, LG showed a side view of the mystery device, which they extended and retracted. And as the clip ended, LG teased its viewers with the phrase: "Hold your breath."

Apart from this teaser clip, not much is known about this mystery device. LG has not even mentioned anything about this device, so it really comes as a shock to viewers. But considering the device was teased during the announcement of the LG Wing, it's possible that it could be part of LG's Explorer Project. 

It's important to note though that this isn't the first device with an extendable screen this year. A similar concept phone was showcased by TCL towards the beginning of the year. This device also had an extendable screen, which measured 6.75 inches and extended to 7.8 inches. 

Still, it's exciting to see what LG has lined up for its customers. Will you be interested in a smartphone that has an extendable screen?

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