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Metro by T-Mobile Now Offering Free iPhone 7

If you're still interested in the iPhone 7, Metro by T-Mobile is now offering this device free for switchers. Prior to this change, the T-Mobile prepaid brand sold the device at $29.99. 

The new promotion, called "iPhone 7 On Us," lets customers get the phone for free. But of course, there are some conditions to the offer. 

This promotion is exclusively for customers who are porting in from another carrier. What this means is that you should not have been a Metro subscriber in the last 90 days. This is likely to change in the future, as Metro by T-Mobile adopts the practice of other prepaid brands. Instead of 90 days, this could be increased to 180 days. The offer is available in-store only as well. 

If you are interested in this offer, you will get a $349 instant rebate with your purchase. You will still need to pay sales tax, which will depend on the full value of the device. Only two instant rebates are allowed per household and account.

In addition to the "iPhone 7 On Us" promotion, Metro has given its iPhone SE switcher offer an upgrade. Previously, Metro gave switchers a $250 rebate for porting. And then after being an active subscriber for six months and applying autopay, they also received a $100 virtual prepaid card. Today's change has allowed Metro to increase the instant rebate to $300. After three months of being an active subscriber and activating autopay, customers also get a $50 virtual prepaid card.

You can learn more about these offers here.

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