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Mint Mobile Introduces New $30/Month Unlimited Plan

Mint Mobile has just taken the wraps off of an "unlimited" plan. This new plan comes as a multi-month offer under T-Mobile's network.

The new unlimited plan comes with unlimited domestic talk and text, unlimited calling to Mexico and Canada, unlimited data at 128Kbps, WiFi calling and texting, and 35GB of high-speed data (which is the highest amount of high-speed data that the MVNO offers). And the best part about this plan is that it costs $30 per month.

If you also have a 5G capable device, your high-speed data will use 5G signal in areas where it is available. Mobile hotspot is available up to 5GB of data. Video streaming is limited to 480p resolution.

In order to enjoy this new unlimited plan, you will need to sign up for 12 months of wireless service. And with this, you will have to pay $360 upfront for service. There is also an option to purchase 3 or 6 months of service at a different price.

New customers are given a plan trial for 3 months, which costs $90 in total (or $30 per month). After the third month is over, the plan will cost $40 per month so you need to purchase in bulk before the third month ends. The 6 months plan also costs $210 upfront (or $35 per month).

As a way of welcoming the new plan, Mint Mobile's co-owner Ryan Reynolds has posted an ad on his Twitter account. The ad features veteran Rick Moranis, who appears to be confused why he is in the video in the first place. Of course, this is typical Reynolds' humor to welcome the new plan. You can check out the ad below.

If you are interested in this new plan, visit this page for more information.


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  1. 35GB? I'll burn through that in two days. Wait, I forgot how slow T-Mobile is now. 35GB should be more than sufficient.

  2. Pretty cool plan. I wish it also brings 2+ lines discount in the future.

    1. Only if they do it like Visible with party pay or Sprint with framily. The other two plus plans are not inclusive.

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