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Pix Wireless Shutting Down Silver Plans

Earlier this year, Pix Wireless updated its Pix Silver plan pricing. 

The Verizon MVNO increased the price on these plans. But it looks like this plan will no longer be available pretty soon. 

Users on Howard Forums revealed today that they received an email from Pix Wireless. The email reads:

Dear Pix Wireless User,

Unfortunately due to circumstances outside of our control we regret to inform you that on 9/20/20 Pix Silver service will be shutting down completely. You will need to port your telephone number out or find an alternative provider prior to this date.

In addition to removing the Silver plans, the MVNO has stopped accepting activations for Pix Indigo (T-Mobile) and Pix Yellow (Sprint). 

This makes users question what is in store for them after September 20th. The MVNO, however, did not give a clear explanation on what its future plans for the business is. They simply recommend porting out or looking for an alternative provider. 

If you're a Pix Wireless user, did you receive the email? 

Source: Howard Forums 


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  1. Yes I received the email and switched to Red Pocket. pix always provided good service and support. My number was ported over to Red Pocket within an hour.

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