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Samsung Promises Latest Device is Most Affordable 5G Smartphone

As more and more 5G devices are introduced in the market, manufacturers are always looking for a way to differentiate each one. And lately, it seems like they are eager to produce the "most affordable 5G smartphone" yet. 

Today, another device has arrived from Samsung and they promise this phone to be among the affordable 5G devices that will be sold in the market. 

Samsung recently unveiled the Galaxy A42 5G as the newest device to be added to its Galaxy A-series. Based on this series' history, the devices that fall under this category are mid-priced yet come with promising specs. 

The Galaxy A42 5G steps in as perhaps the first 5G device under this line. It features a 6.6-inch Super AMOLED display. And just like its Galaxy A41 predecessor, it might have a 5,000mAh battery included. But it does look like it will have a quad-rear camera configuration. 

Right now, the full list of specs has not yet been revealed. The pricing and availability has also not yet been disclosed so we'll wait have to wait to verify whether the Galaxy A42 5G does fit into the "most affordable 5G smartphone" title. 

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  1. I spotted online only at Target.com a Samsung Galaxy A31 5G for under $300. 5000mAh battery. The version w/o 5G was nothing special on the camera. Mingt want to double check though. Thanks.

  2. They will have to beat the $400 Tmobile Revvl 5G if they want that crown.

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