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Some Mint Mobile Users Experiencing Data Outage

There seems to be a data outage that is affecting some subscribers of Mint Mobile. A co-founder of the MVNO, Rizwan Kassim, has confirmed the problem on a Reddit post. 

The MVNO doesn't appear to be experiencing the problem alone. As a matter of fact, there are some other comments on Reddit that suggest the same issue is affecting T-Mobile subscribers. And since Mint Mobile is an MVNO that runs on T-Mobile's network, the problem might be with the wireless carrier. 

Kassim turned to Reddit to acknowledge that they are looking into the issue already. He shared this on the forum page:

An upstream error seems to have caused data provisioning errors for a number of subscribers.

It's being worked, they don't have a root cause yet, but I know this has been escalated. Down Detector showing issues on our carrier as well; not sure if it's related or not.

I strongly think, but do not know, that this has nothing to do with the iOS 14 upgrade many of you installed today. 

Upon checking Downdetector, there are some issues that are connected to T-Mobile. But this doesn't look like a large enough problem that would affect many of its subscribers. 

A later update by the CEO shows that they have fixed the issues from customers that they received. But since there are still several customers reporting an issue on a different upstream, they suggest sending a DM with a link to the post and the subscriber's number to /u/MintMobileAlex so they can look into the issue further.  

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