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T-Mobile Prepaid Running 4 Lines for $100/Month Offer

T-Mobile is now giving its prepaid customers a reason to save money. 

For a limited time period, T-Mobile Prepaid is offering 4 lines of service for only $100 per month. The plan comes with unlimited talk, text, and up to 10GB of high-speed data per line. This is a great way you can save on the cost of a plan, especially if you intend to purchase for your family. 

T-Mobile Prepaid's 4 lines for $100 per month is only available for a limited time period. The price does not yet include taxes and fees. 

T-Mobile encourages customers to get in touch with them first before canceling any lines to ensure lowest price. The first month may not be combined with some offers or discounts. 

To learn more about this offer, visit T-Mobile Prepaid's website.

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  1. t-mobile has too many strings attached. How do they advertise fee's and taxes included. Then start charging fee's and taxes. #snakecharmers

  2. Let me do some math. 4line X 10GB/line = 40GB No way I am paying $100 for only 40GB of data. DOA

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