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T-Mobile Reportedly Asking Metro by T-Mobile Customers to Switch to Postpaid

Earlier today, T-Mobile sent out a confusing message to its dealers. The message was posted as a screenshot by a Twitter user.

The message reads:
"Starting September 10, select Metro by T-Mobile customers will receive an SMS with the following message: "Congrats on 12 months of timely payments! You now qualify for $0 down financing and more incredible benefits when you switch to T-Mobile." 
Customers are receiving this special offer as a thank you for being a loyal customer who pays their bill on-time monthly. That means they're eligible to join T-Mobile as pre-qualified postpaid customers who can enjoy awesome Un-carrier benefits like our Apple promos, $0 down on select handsets, and T-Mobile Tuesdays. With our Magenta family plans, they also get Netflix on us, taxes and fees included, and more!"

What makes this message confusing is the part that says "WHEN YOU SWITCH TO T-MOBILE." Since T-Mobile owns Metro by T-Mobile, this caused some confusion. Are they abandoning their prepaid brand? Or are they encouraging more people to switch to postpaid instead of prepaid?

The screenshot was even posted as a response to a tweet sent out by MetroDealers last week on an update on the 10-1 changes. T-Mobile promised the dealers group that they will be discussing additional updates on September 10, which also coincides the date on the screenshot.

We're hoping T-Mobile can clarify this real soon.

Source: NWIDA 


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  1. Metro is not going away. It will still be there. I think T-Mobile just wants to give some incentives to people with a good payment history to move to postpaid because postpaid has a higher ARPU. I have more than 12 months of on-time payments and I won't go to postpaid. There's no point in doing so for me because I neither need nor want a flagship phone. Plus, I like prepaid because I am in complete control. No surprise billing or any crap.

    1. Matt,

      I definitely agree with you as I've been a postpaid customer of T-Mobile before switching to Metro...I have a decent smartphone and fixed cost billing.

    2. I think you're right. T-Mobile has been doing the same with their own prepaid division, yet I am still a T-Mobile prepaid customer.
      What T-Mobile has been doing to their resellers though is much more worrisome. These resellers service the most vulnerable of internet customers, the rural customer, and they are going away. Many of these customers are forced to use LTE for their home internet connectivity.

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