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TCL Now Has a Smartwatch for Seniors

Nowadays, there are plenty of different smartwatch models available in the market. While this is good for tech-savvy users, there are individuals who are not too keen on these. In particular, the senior community struggle with so many features. That's why TCL has come up with a smartwatch specifically for this audience market. 

TCL has announced its newest wearable device called the MoveTime Family Watch MT43A. The device bears a design that resembles the Apple Watch. It comes with health, safety, and communication features. 

The wearable device features two-way voice, texting, and 4G capability. For hands-free interaction, it allows voice commands. Among the health features that you can find in this wearable device include sleep monitoring, medication reminders, daily activity tracking with a built-in pedometer, and heart rate tracking. It also comes with fall detection, a feature that sends out a message to a designated emergency contact with the exact location of the wearer. There is also a geo-fencing feature that sends an alert when the wearer steps out of his designated "safe zone". 

As for the hardware, the watch has an OELD touch display. It comes with IP67 dust and water resistance, and a 600mAh battery that lasts up to two days on a single charge. A dedicated SOS button can be found on the side. It sports extra-large icons and a proprietary OS. 

This wearable device is sold individually but may be added to a cellular plan. It comes in black or dark grey color. The MoveTime Family Watch is slated for a release this fall at $199. 


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