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Ting Mobile Dropping $25/Month Mobile Hotspot Pricing

For quite some time now, Ting Mobile has been offering hard-to-beat deals for its mobile hotspot service. One of their best selling deals gives customers 30GB of data for $25 per month with a Franklin R850 hotspot device.

Since Ting offers mobile hotspot under Sprint's network, it looks like this plan will no longer be offered at the same price in the future. Coverage Critic recently spotted Ting's announcement on this matter:

"After extending it as long as possible, Ting Mobile will be discontinuing its special hotspot pricing plan after October 14, 2020. Any customers currently using this pricing plan will receive an email informing them that they will switch to regular Ting Mobile rates from their first full billing cycle after this date."

The announcement does not fully go into detail what factor caused this decision. But it's possible that it had something to do with the passing of the T-Mobile-Sprint merger or perhaps DISH Network's  recent acquisition of Ting's customers.

Either way, customers under this mobile hotspot plan will no longer have access to the plan after October 14th. What is your next move?


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  1. More merger fallout? What's the next bad news to drop?

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