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Visible Brings Back $100 Gift Card Offer to Switchers

Last year, Visible Wireless ran a promotion where they gave away a $100 gift card to customers who switch to their service. And while the promotion ran for a while, it eventually went away. 

But now, the Verizon-owned prepaid brand has decided to bring back the offer.  

When you bring your own phone and make the switch, Visible is giving you $25 for your first month of service. And in addition to that, they will still give you a $100 gift card once you have completed two months of service.  

After your first month of service, your plan will go back to being the regular price; which is $40. 

According to their website, this offer will only be available until September 30, 2020. You can visit this page to learn more about the offer.


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  1. Visible always offers $100. It is the $200 bonus they ran previously that has gone away.

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