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Xfinity Mobile CEO Goes into Detail of Their 3-Tier Mobile Strategy

In just a short amount of time since it launched, Comcast's mobile service has been able to gain around 2.5 million subscribers. Despite this, Xfinity Mobile CEO Brian Roberts believes that they still have a lot of runway to go. 

Earlier this week, the CEO spoke at a Goldman Sachs investor conference call where he outlined their three-tier mobile strategy. This strategy involves accessing Verizon's new 5G products, continuous focus on the company's expansive Wi-Fi network, and eventually using its own cellular infrastructure to reduce traffic and costs from its MVNO, Verizon Wireless

The CEO believes that its relationship with Verizon is a "win-win," since they help boost Comcast's core broadband customers' lifetime value. On the other hand, the subscribers of Xfinity Mobile get offers to new services and products.

During the call, Roberts explained how "5G is very much on our road map." From the start, the CEO shares that Comcast always wanted to be perpetual. 

One way they can lower costs and expand coverage is to utilize its own Wi-Fi network. Xfinity has over 18 million hotspots, which will all be able to bridge mobile and Wi-Fi. And with the importance of staying connected amid the health crisis, the gap between both needs to be emphasized. 

Its third focus on its mobile strategy is to improve its own wireless network or cellular infrastructure. Roberts believes that it will eventually "use to supplement our Verizon network to reap even higher cost savings in those highly dense mobile geographic areas." 

On the topic of Xfinity Mobile's ambitions, Roberts says that it all goes back to convergence among streaming, broadband, and aggregation services. 

"We think consumers want that convenience-- some of them, many of them. And we want to be that company that they turn to and say, 'the best products we can get come from your company.'"

Comcast launched its own mobile service in 2017. It has since operated as an MVNO under Verizon's network. 

You can read the full transcript here.

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