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Boom Mobile Making Wi-Fi Calling Available to Boom Red Customers Starting October 27

Boom Mobile recently sent out an email to its Boom Red customers. The email contained a notice on "Enhanced System Migration," which would give these customers access to Wi-Fi calling. 

Boom Red refers to Verizon's towers.  According to the email, these customers will be able to enjoy Wi-Fi calling services by October 27th. 

This is how the email reads:

"Enhanced System Migration"

We value you and your choice to be a boom! MOBILE customer. We continually strive to improve our users experience and offer competitive products. Beginning Tuesday, October 27th, 2020, we will migrate to an enhanced service delivery system which will give our customers the added feature of WiFi Calling, allow the future use of eSIMs, and 5G capability.

The entire process could take up to 5 days to complete. You should not experience any service interruptions to most primary features. However, one feature will require attention: Your new Voice Mailbox

The information below provides instructions to set up your new Voice Mailbox and related services:

All boom RED customers, here is how to Set Up Your New Voicemail Service:

1. Call *86 from your mobile phone.

2. Press # to interrupt the greeting.

3. Follow the setup prompts to create a new password and greeting.

You've successfully set up your new Voicemail service!

*Visual Voice Mail Users will need to follow your on screen instructions.

Please perform a permanent back up for any current voice messages prior to the migration. Access to the former system will not be possible. We are here to assist you with the process. If you have any issues, please Live Chat or process a Ticket using the form at https://myaccount.boom.us

Thanks allowing us the opportunity to earn your business,
boom! Mobile Support Team

Did you receive this email as well? 


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  1. I tried it when in cell coverage area on 10/28. I got *86 but could not beat the prompt for password to enter #. Entering # did not work. I had to enter my pw followed by # then got the usual voicemail stuff.
    Process may take up to 5 days.

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