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Cricket Wireless Offering Free iPhone 7 for Switchers, Plus Other Deals

Cricket Wireless is encouraging people to switch to their service. And whether you switch online or in-store, there's a reward waiting for you. 

In addition to this, the AT&T prepaid brand has unveiled some of its newest offers. 

Switch to Cricket Wireless Via Stores

If you opt to switch in one of their retail stores, you can get the iPhone 7 for free. This, however, is available at select stores only. When you check online, you will no longer find the iPhone 7 being sold through that channel. This suggests that it has reached its ends of life at the prepaid brand, which is why they are already giving it away for free. You can check with your local Cricket dealer to verify whether the phone is in stock. 

The offer is exclusive to individuals porting into the prepaid brand's $60 unlimited plan. A limit of two free phones is allowed per customer/account.

Switch to Cricket Wireless Online

When you decide to switch online, on the other hand, Cricket Wireless will be giving you a $50 account credit. You just need to port into either the $55 or $60 unlimited plan. The bill credit will be applied to your account after you have completed your second month of service. 

This offer is said to be in place until November 5, 2020. 

Other Promotions

Cricket is now offering the iPhone 8 both online and in stores. If you port in and activate service under the $60 unlimited plan, you can get the iPhone 8 at $49.99. They are offering both the 64GB and 128GB variant. 

As for the iPhone SE 2020 model, Cricket continues to offer the 64GB variant at $249.99. You can get this phone at that price when you switch in-store at Walmart and sign up for the $55 unlimited plan. 

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