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Facebook Has Launched Its Own Cloud Gaming Service

Facebook has just launched its own cloud gaming service. And while many may immediately think that the social media giant's new product will compete with seasoned experts like Nvidia, Google, and Microsoft, it varies in one major way: it is exclusively for mobile. 

With the new service, users can instantly play games without installing anything. They also don't need to pair a controller via Bluetooth to their mobile device, since these games are designed for playing on a touchscreen. When you see a title you want to play, you just tap on it and start playing. 

As part of its launch, the games that you can find are free to play. But it's likely that you will have to pay to play these games in the future. And some other titles come with in-game purchases, especially the ones that will remain free. 

Another advantage of this service is that it supports cross-play. This means that if you played the cloud version of the game, you can challenge your opponents to play the native game, thanks to the Login for Gaming feature. 

Some of the studios that have signed up to create playable ads on the platform include Gameloft, 2K, Glu Mobile, FunPlus, Rovio, Gram Games, and Wildlife Studios. The available titles include the likes of UNO, Cat Life!, Tetris, Words With Friends, EverWing, and many more. 


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