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Google Explains How Hangouts Will Change for Google Fi Users

Google recently unveiled its latest product, Google Workspace. This is an integrated solution for everything you could possibly need done in one place. The services available include Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Chat, Meet, and many more. This platform is available to business customers and will soon be available to the general public. 

Google will be releasing Google Chat as a free service available in both Gmail and a standalone app. The same Hangouts features will be available in Chat, which include direct and group messaging, faster search, send to inbox, suggested replies, and emoji reactions. The service also comes with strong phishing protection that is available in Gmail. Google says that the migration to Chat from Hangouts will begin in 2021.  

With the announcement, Google has released a blog post discussing what the change means to Hangout users, particularly those with Google Fi. When Chat starts rolling out, Google will also be removing Fi support in Hangouts. In its place, Google will be releasing Messages by Google; which will offer the same experience. Through the platform, Fi users can make voice calls, check voicemail from Messages, manage conversations from Messages across devices, and migrate existing Hangouts conversations. More guidance on these changes will be provided by Google starting this month. 

To learn more about these changes, visit this blog post by Google. 

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