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Google Fi Launches New Phone Subscription Program at $15/Month

Google Fi has just unveiled a new program that helps make it easier for its customers to get a new phone upgrade. 

Google Fi's new phone subscription program lets you get your hands on the new Google Pixel 4a with device protection for just $15 per month for two years. This comes out to a total price of $360 on the device, which means that you get to save $133 instead of buying the device outright and a separate device protection plan. 

Under this program, you get device protection plan. This covers your device from cracks, spills, and many more. If you have your cracked screen fixed under this program, you have to pay $49. For a phone replacement, it will cost you $99. But if you don't want to include device protection plan in your subscription, you can decline it and pay only $9 per month for the Google Pixel 4a (or $216 in total). 

The monthly rate of the new phone subscription program price does not include Google Fi service. You have to activate your device within 30 days once it gets shipped to you. Also, you have to maintain your subscription so you don't get charged the remaining balance on the regular price of the phone that you owe. 

Once the two-year period is over, you can decide whether you want to keep the Pixel 4a or upgrade to a newer Pixel device. 

To learn more about this program, visit this website.


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  1. Strange sales tactic - would be better received as a phone with plan included at discounted price..

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