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Google Rolls Out Lighter Gmail Go App to Public

Gmail now has a lighter version that's suitable for low-end devices. 

Earlier today, Google released its newest Gmail Go app in the Play Store. This is an Android app that offers the same email experience as the Gmail app minus the visual elements and a few features. 

As a result of removing visual elements, Gmail Go is able to run much faster on devices with less RAM. The app also features a slightly "cleaner" look that does not use any shadows. 

Another feature that's not available on the new Gmail Go app is the "Meet" button found on the bottom of the screen. But there is also a separate app available for that specific feature so it should not be missed by those who are just looking to have a lighter Gmail app on their device.

Gmail Go was previously available to a certain group of Android users in select regions. But after testing the market, Google has finally made this app available to everyone with an Android device. 

You can download this app here.

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