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Here are Q3 2020 Earnings Report of Cable-Owned MVNOs

The third quarter of 2020 has gone by so fast and the cable operators have already revealed their earnings for the quarter. Most notably, each one continues to add to their number of wireless subscribers. 


Out of the three cable MVNOs, the one with the highest number of new subscribers is Charter's Spectrum Mobile. The Verizon MVNO was able to add 348,000 residential net mobile customers and 15,000 small and medium business lines throughout the quarter. As a whole, they were able to add 363,000 wireless lines, which are 87,000 more than the number they earned from last year's Q3. They were also able to exceed Wall Street analysts' expectations by around 59,000. 

Charter was able to get 942,000 net customers year-to-date, which brings a total of 2.06 million mobile lines. Their mobile revenue reached $368 million, $172 million of which comes from devices. But at the same time, they also incurred $456 million mobile expenses and a $139 million mobile-related capital expenditure. 

All in all, Charter's EBITDA loss is $88 billion; which executives say is because of customer growth costs. New Street Research analysts believe that the cable company's wireless losses are declining faster than expected as its mobile business is scaling much quicker than anticipated. 


Meanwhile, this quarter saw an additional 187,000 net mobile customers for Comcast's MVNO, Xfinity Mobile. With this number, the Verizon MVNO saw a total wireless base of 2.6 million. 

According to Cowen Equity Research analysts, Xfinity Mobile's BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) paired with its various plan pricing brings a "compelling value propositions in a recession." This is in reference to the mix-and-match pay-as-you-go and Unlimited plans offered by the MVNO, along with its low-cost unlimited plan. 

Comcast's mobile revenue grew 22.8% to $400 million with a negative $50 million drag on its EBITDA during the quarter. Cowen Equity Research analysts believe the mobile brand's momentum will continue and is "on track to EBITDA break-even" by the end of 2021. 

Altice Mobile

Lastly, Altice Mobile reported a net add of 18,000 for the quarter. This gives them a total customer count of 126,000 for its mobile operations. The cable company says their wireless service has reached 3.5% penetration for its total customer base for residential. 

It's important to note that Altice Mobile's wireless service launched later compared to Xfinity Mobile and Spectrum Mobile. They are also using Sprint's legacy network but will soon be migrating to T-Mobile's network. 

You can read the full Charter Q3 earnings report here.


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  1. For many people's use scenario I be assisted Charter/Spectrum was the only one offering a competitive service/price.

    Altice is a joke although they recently revised plans because their initial offer was so uncompetitive. Now all they need is to improve their offerings again & not be on the worst MNO in the country for those who dare wander into rural America.

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