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Patriot Mobile Running Ads on Traditional Media

It looks like Patriot Mobile has been making itself more visible online. The Sprint MVNO has recently been spotted running numerous ads on traditional forms of media like radio, magazine, and many other advertisements. This comes as a surprise since it is pretty uncommon for a small-time brand to be spending its money on advertising. 

BestMVNO reached out to the MVNO to get more information on their advertising campaigns. Unfortunately, a representative for the MVNO declined to comment on the topic. The representative, however, confirmed that they have been running national ads. 

The brand seems to be focusing its advertising via radio, magazine, and Facebook. Back in November, the company held an on-air live read during Glenn Beck. They gave away a free Moto Z3. In the ad, the MVNO expressed that they are the only conservative phone company in the US. In addition to this, viewers were told that each time their cell phone is used, they gain a vote for gun confiscation and open borders. Part of the money earned from customers goes towards these causes too. 

When you visit the official website of the MVNO, you'll also notice that they donate proceeds to "organizations fighting for 1st and 2nd Amendment rights, Family Values, Small Government, Religious Freedom and Pro-Life." 

You can watch the ad here:

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