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Pure TalkUSA is Now Pure Talk

Pure TalkUSA has gone through some changes. 

It has rebranded itself to just Pure Talk, dropping the USA name from its brand. In addition to this, the brand has redesign its logo and website. To make the changes public, the AT&T MVNO has also launched a new Pure Talk TV ad. 

Pure Talk's new website features a cleaner design. They have improved their navigation menu with several of the key features now available directly on the screen instead of a drop-down menu. The website also features the brand's new tagline, which reads: "Simply. Smarter. Wireless."

Apart from just changing the functionality of its website, Pure Talk has also done some changes on its website colors. It now has a lighter hue instead of the dark colors it once had. 

To make the changes known to the public, Pure Talk has launched a new TV ad that targets the viewers of Fox News. The new ad, called "Switch", was launched late last month. It features the $20 per month plan that the MVNO is offering. According to the ad, switching to Pure Talk lets customers save more than $70 per month on their phone bill. This is the ad:


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  1. When will PureTalk and other AT&T MVNO's have VoLTE????????

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