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Tello Answers Frequently Asked Questions on T-Mobile-Sprint Merger

Earlier this year, the T-Mobile-Sprint merger was finalized and implemented. And what this merger meant for the small MVNOs running on Sprint's network is that they will also have access to T-Mobile's towers. But as for when, this remained as a mystery until today. 

Tello Mobile recently shared a page on its website to answer the commonly asked questions that its customers had on the T-Mobile-Sprint merger. On that page, they gave insight into the concerns of their customers and how the merger would affect them. 

For starters, the MVNO explained why the two wireless carriers decided to merge. They quoted T-Mobile's statement:

"We've united and are combining our resources to bring customers the coverage, service, and value they deserve. We are taking things to an entirely new level!"

Tello explained that they are "building a transformative nationwide 5G network that will drive innovation and connect every American." They believe that they can build the "highest-capacity nationwide network" in the history of the U.S., thanks to T-Mobile's low-band, Sprint's mid-band, and other spectrum. 

The MVNO says that existing customers won't need to do anything at this time. Their device, phone plan, and pricing won't be changing anytime soon. And Tello reassures their customers that there is no need to worry about expecting value and service. 

For now, Tello is working hard to implement GSM service before 2020 ends. But this does not mean they will immediately cutoff service for CDMA-only devices. They explain that they are "not the pull-the-rug-from-under-your-feet type of people." Instead, they will be gradually implementing changes with different opportunities. They will also be providing necessary assistance for migration. Tello promises to provide at least 3 months of notice before shutting down service under Sprint's network. 

As for older Sprint phones, Tello says that these will work up until at least the middle part of 2021. They will continue to provide basic CDMA voice service on these devices until this time. But Tello warns that there may be some noticeable decline on data performance on older Sprint devices (pre-2018). This is because these older devices won't be able to benefit from the perks of the new expanded network. So if you are still using a device older than 2018, you may need to purchase a new phone.  

Tello assures its customers that their existing plan pricing and options will remain unchanged throughout the entire transition period. 

With regards to 5G connection, Tello says that users with a 2020 phone (like the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus 5G or Samsung Galaxy Ultra 5G) will already be compatible with 5G under T-Mobile's low-band and mmWave networks and Sprint's mid-band 5G spectrum. These are the only two models that are compatible right now. It's likely that Tello will be offering other 5G devices in the future. 

You can read the full FAQ here.

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