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Two Independently-Owned MVNOs Launch New TV Ads

Just recently, a publication reported seeing TV ads from two small, independently owned MVNOs: TextNow and Mint Mobile. 

This is a welcomed surprise since the larger wireless carriers are typically the ones that use the space for TV ads. 

TextNow's TV Ad

To be fair, this isn't the first time a TV ad from TextNow was spotted. The Sprint and T-Mobile MVNO actually started airing ads early this year until August. After a few months of silence though, the MVNO has started airing a new TV commercial that is heavily aired on TV. 

The new ad, spotted on October 12th, is entitled "Priceless Connections" and features one of the free wireless plans offered by the MVNO. The ad tells viewers that "you can't put a price on connection, so we didn't." It gives viewers information on how they can get a real phone number by simply downloading TextNow's app and enjoy using unlimited nationwide calls and text messages. This same ad was previously only on the MVNO's YouTube channel. 

You can watch the ad here.

Mint Mobile's TV Ad

Mint Mobile has also recently launched a new ad entitled "Help With Math: $30 Per Month". The ad looks like an installment to the previously launched ad that featured Rick Moranis. The same set is seen on both ads.

The newer ad features Ryan Reynolds, who also happens to be a co-owner of the T-Mobile MVNO. In the ad, Reynolds is asking "teacher of the year Rodney Robinson" to check the MVNO's math and explain how they are offering unlimited for less than half of the amount being charged by the larger carriers. The ad also features the new $30 plan with 35GB of high-speed data that the MVNO recently launched. 

You can watch the ad here.

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