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US Mobile Reveals New Usage Analytics Feature

US Mobile has a new feature that will help its subscribers be more aware of their usage. 

The new feature, called Usage Analytics, was recently unveiled by the T-Mobile and Verizon MVNO exclusively for its customers. Through this feature, users can get near real-time and historical data on their device usage. They can choose between daily, weekly, and monthly usage habits. 

According to the MVNO, each US Mobile customer will have access to this new feature. For customers who have multiple lines, they will gain access to each user under the account so they can keep track of their statistics. 

By adding this new feature, the prepaid provider believes that they will allow their customers to "make informed decisions" depending on their cellular usage. With this information, they can choose a plan that best suits what they need. Eventually, US Mobile plans to include artificial intelligence so subscribers can get plan recommendations based on their data. 

If you are a US Mobile customer, you can start viewing your information from your online account dashboard. Right now, the feature has not yet been launched on the prepaid provider's iOS and Android apps. But this will be available via an update soon. 

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