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Visible Page Confirms Brand is Working on eSIM Support

Visible was supposed to launch a new promotion yesterday, as evidenced by a screenshot of the offer. The new promotion was supposed to give new subscribers a $20 discount on their first month of service. The Verizon-owned prepaid service offered a similar promotion that recently came to an end. This new offer was set to launch on October 5th, but never happened.

Apart from the promotion, the screenshot revealed that Visible will be allowing users to "activate your new service in the Visible app using eSIM or a physical SIM." This likely means that the prepaid brand if finally ready to launch eSIM support. Interestingly, this was asked on Visible's Twitter account. A representative for the company confirmed that eSIM will soon be available in the prepaid brand. 

BestMVNO was able to find a dedicated support page that Visible has on eSIM support. This confirms that the brand is really working hard to making eSIM a reality. The discovered page, however, is likely not meant for public viewing. But yes, there is a website for it. 

It's exciting to see what Visible has lined up for its customers. And with the leaked website, we can be confident that they are working on making this possible for its customers.

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