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Boost Mobile's Q3 2020 Performance Explained

Yesterday, Dish Network shared its Q3 2020 earnings in a conference call. During the call, the company revealed that Boost Mobile lost 212,000 subscribers in the quarter. Let's take a deeper look at those numbers. 

Wave7 Research recently published a prepaid report that detailed how over 10% of the prepaid brand's dealer activations make up Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) customers. The report shows an immense growth in this segment, compared to the less than 1% BYOD activations from six months ago.

A reason for the growth in its BYOD sector is because Boost Mobile opened access to T-Mobile's network. This paved the way for more customers to opt to BYOD since their devices were now compatible with the network. 

In addition to this, Boost has become more aggressive with its BYOD offers. A few months ago, the prepaid brand ran an in-store only promotion that gave new customers double data for three months when they decide to BYOD and activate service. It is only in recent weeks that this offer was made available online, so this can still be expected to grow. 

Another factor that could have affected subscriber loss was Boost's decision to remove its truly unlimited high-speed data plans. But this was something the prepaid brand had to do to increase their profit. Dish shared this statement in its 10Q filing regarding the matter:

"We are working to ensure that the customers we acquire and retain are profitable under our MVNO economics. As an example, certain subscribers that use high amounts of data, may be profitable for an MNO, but are not profitable under an MVNO."

Despite losing 212,000 subscribers, Boost continues to provide service to its 9.2 million subscribers. And as a whole, Dish is servicing 9.42 million subscribers, including the subscribers it acquired from Tucow's Ting Mobile. 

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