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Dish Network Shares Q3 2020 Earnings for Boost Mobile Brand

Dish Network is no longer aiming to launch its own 5G network by the end of 2020. The company earlier announced that it will be waiting for more radios from Fujitsu to arrive before they launch their first major 5G market. The company expects this to take place in the third quarter of 2021.  

While the TV provider has plans of launching 5G service to smaller markets in the beginning of next year, it won't be until Q3 when it will be running service for the major market. This was announced by chairman Charlie Ergen during their Q3 2020 conference call. 

The company, however, reiterated that it intends to meet its prior commitments to the FCC to approve their Boost Mobile acquisition. They initially promised to deploy their 5G network to reach 20% of the country's population before June 14, 2022 and at least 70% in the middle part of 2023. 

Dish's EVP and chief commercial officer Stephen Bye shared that they are "on track to the 15,000 that we committed to as a minimum buildout requirement for June 2023."

Ergen shared that they have already launched one tower in Littleton, Colorado, which has been designated as its first 5G cell site. The co-founder of the company reiterated that the team has been working fast and getting a lot of work done. However, the work they do is not always seen to investors and those on Wall Street. Even though they have a lot of detail available, it's not so easy to convey these with the ongoing health crisis.

During the conference call, Ergen revealed Boost Mobile's numbers. The prepaid brand lost 212,000 subscribers during Q3 2020, which led to a total subscriber count of only 9.42 million. They revealed that part of the losses were due to efforts to integrate operations and the changes they made to improve profit. 

Although these numbers sound bad, Dish actually managed to surpass expectations with its revenue. This confirms the expectations of some analysts that the Boost Mobile business will thrive over the years. 

You can read more about the conference call here. 


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  1. Boost is aggressively throttling data and deprecating service of customers on unprofitable family plans. 4 and 5 lube family plans have the same aggregated 35 gb data as individual plans. Lots of dropped calls and delayed text messages in the same areas that had acceptable service before the sale to dish.

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