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Google Rolls Out New Family Tools for Google Fi and Google Assistant

Google has just unveiled its new set of family management tools just in time for the holidays. The tools launched today are for Google Assistant and Google Fi. 

The new tools released for Google Assistant are mainly for Smart Displays, such as the Nest Hub Max. Google has released a new "Family" tab that comes with an array of features that help keep everyone in check and on task. 

One of the features that are available include Family Notes, which allows users to create digital sticky notes that can be used as to-do lists, reminders, or just anything you want to make visible on your Smart Display. The example used by Google is for a family note reminding a household to defrost a pie.  

The Family Bell feature for Google Assistant also now comes with more sound effects and bell suggestions. This new feature gives members of a household an option to broadcast a recurring reminder, such as a time to do chores or eat lunch together. 

In a time of online learning, Google has taken this opportunity to introduce a new feature for Smart Displays. You can ask Google something and you will get various responses like the animal of the day, interesting facts, and even learning activities with the family. 

A last feature available on Google Assistant helps you keep track of your family's whereabouts. The feature makes use of Life360 and Google Maps to check where members of your household are at a given time. To use this feature though, you will need to be over 13 years old and have a Google family account.

For prepaid users, Google has announced new family features that it has lined up for Google Fi. When the new features roll out, parents have a choice to block incoming calls and texts from strangers by only allowing certain contacts to get in touch with the phones of their kids. 

There is also a data budget feature so that excessive data usage can be restricted. Google has also made it much more easier to set up Family Link on the device of a family member. With this feature in place, account holders can set up content filters, manage group downloads, and limit screen time. 

You can learn more about these features here. 

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