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Google Rolls Out RCS Chat Globally in Messages App

Google has just revealed that its Rich Communication Services (RCS) chat in Messages is now available worldwide. In addition to expanding this feature, they have started to roll out end-to-end encryption (E2EE) for messages sent over RCS via the app. 

RCS chat has a number of advantages over using standard SMS text messaging. For one, you can send messages over Wi-Fi and cellular data. The feature also lets you send and receive high quality photos and videos. When you send out a message, you get a read receipt so you know that your message was already read. Because of these features, there are already plenty of businesses that use RCS for customer support. 

Now that end-to-end encryption has been added to RCS chats, that means that these messages are safe. They cannot be read by anyone, not even Google, except for the recipient of your message. 

Unfortunately, this feature has not yet rolled out to all users. Google says that the feature will be available to beta testers starting this month and its testing will continue to next year. Once it launches, users will know that they are using end-to-end encryption when they see a small lock icon next to the "Send" button as well as the timestamp of the message. 

To see if the RCS chat feature is now available in your Messages app, you simply need to open the app, tap the three-dot button on the upper right hand corner, tap on "Settings", and choose "Chat features". 

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