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HMD Global Bringing Back Nokia 6300, Nokia 8000

Back in 2017, HMD Global brought back a classic device, called the Nokia 3310. After the successful resurrection, the Finnish company revived other iconic classics, such as the Nokia 8110 4G, Nokia 2720 Flip, and the Nokia 5310. 

It looks like they're not yet done with this route as they are working on reviving two more Nokia devices. 

As reported by WinFuture, a Scandinavian telecom company recently unveiled two 4G Nokia devices on its website. The Nokia 6300 and Nokia 8000 will be sold by Telia as an updated version of the iconic devices. Originally, the 6300 was released in 2007 as a mid-tier device that came with a durable stainless steel frame. During its launch, it quickly became a bestseller.

Meanwhile, HMD Global will be basing the Nokia 8000 on its premium Nokia 8xxx lineup that it has been experimenting on for quite some time. 

When these two phones will be released, they will likely be smart feature phones, which means they will include internet connection and apps. There are rumors that they will either run KaiOS or Series 30+. 

It's possible that HMD Global will be announcing these two phones soon. 


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  1. I guess that there is no word on when these devices will be released? I would really like to go back to a feature phone soon. I'd like to simplify my life.

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