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Mint Mobile Starts Rolling Out eSIM Support

Mint Mobile users will soon be able to use eSIM. 

Just yesterday, a Reddit user spoke with a representative of the T-Mobile MVNO about availability of this feature. According to the screenshot, the agent shared that they "will be offering eSIM soon, for iPhone X and above."

As pointed out by Coverage Critic, however, this seems like an error since iPhone X devices do not come with support for eSIM. It's likely that this was a mistake and that the agent meant to say that Mint will rollout support for eSIM on devices released after the iPhone X. 

Mint co-founder Rizwan Kassim, also jumped on the Reddit thread to confirm the news. 

"Before everyone goes ballistic... let the thing actually come out and I'll share more then. =) 

Whatever happens, it'll be a phased rollout and won't be available in all places to all people immediately. but soon thereafter."

There has been confirmation from another Reddit user who was able to order Mint's eSIM service. But just like Kassim pointed out, the rollout is not going to be available to everyone right away. It might take a while before you can receive eSIM support on your device. 

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