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Poco M3 Official Launch Date Teased on Twitter

Poco is coming up with a new device. 

Earlier today, Poco revealed the big news on its official Twitter account. This news confirms the earlier report that the smartphone manufacturer will be revealing a new device just before 2020 ends. 

Poco Global teased the public with a teaser for the Poco M3 on the social media site. This device comes as the third iteration of the Poco M series, following its Poco M2 and M2 Pro older brothers. 

The teaser, unfortunately, does not include any information about the upcoming device. But since it was shared on their global Twitter account, it's possible that we'll be seeing this device in several markets. 

As revealed on the tweet, the Poco M3 will be launched online on November 24th at 12:00 GMT. What specs are you expecting to see on this phone?


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