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Report Shows Online Smartphone Purchases Growth in Q2 2020

COVID-19 has largely changed the way we do things-- from the way we interact with friends up to the way we make important decisions. And those changes have produced an impact in the economy. For the smartphone market, it has brought about an upsurge in sales. 

As evidenced by data released by NPD, the COVID-19 restrictions have doubled U.S. mobile carrier telesales share. In Q2 2020, there was an increase of 13% online smartphone sales compared to the first quarter. And in the same period, 12% of handset sales were brought about by smartphone purchases. 

Part of the increase in online sales were brought about by the temporary shutdown of retail stores during the quarter. Despite this, people continued to make smartphone purchases over the phone and via online channels. The closure also led to the decline of smartphone sales made in retail stores in Q2. 

The data also revealed 69% of tech-related sales via e-commerce compared to the 48% from the previous year. Predictions show that this could remain above 69% in the future. 

However, this might not be the case since restrictions are slowly being lifted and with the economy reopening. With these, consumers may soon be returning to stores to make their purchases. 

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